JavaScript Development

My first programming love may have been Flash and ActionScript, but I have since moved onto JavaScript since that is the future. Whether that is using Electron to create desktop apps or workers to create Progressive Web Apps for Android, JavaScript is the path to take. My current job has enabled me to learn about these environments and below is some of the work I do in my free time.
Brackets HTML Format
In 2014, I was introduced to a new code editor called Brackets. Previously, I was a bad person and I used Dreamweaver for editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Upon making the switch to Brackets, one of the very first things I noticed was the lack of typical keyboard shortcuts, such as CTRL + B to add a <strong> tag around copy. I very much wanted to be good and not use Dreamweaver, but the lack of keyboard shortcuts for things like bolding and italicizing text was too much. And that is where the HTML Format extension for Brackets was born.

By default, HTML Format mimics some of the behavior of Dreamweaver, adding keyboard shortcuts (user changeable), an HTML Format menu to the menu bar with many HTML tags for quickly adding in and around copy, and an optional right-click menu for having bold, italic, and underline shortcuts. All of the tags in the HTML Format menu drop down can have keyboard shortcuts attached to them. To get this extension, launch Brackets, click on the Lego-looking icon in the top-right section of the editor, perform a search for "HTML Format", and click the install button next to the HTML Format listing.

Additionally, keyboard shortcuts and the HTML Format menu will only show up for HTM, HTML, PHP, and ASP files.
HTML5 Banner Animation
This JavaScript banner animation library intended for use with creating web-based animated banners using HTML5's CSS animation capabilties. Once Chrome announced that it would start blocking the Flash Player, it was clear that new solutions would be needed. During my free time I created this library to take advantage of CSS animations. Because writing all the code for CSS animations can get tiresome, especially once you include the prefix versions, I wanted to make life a little bit easier for hand-coded banners and created this JS library to do just that.
HTML5 Banner Transition
This JavaScript banner animation library intended for use with creating web-based animated banners using HTML5's CSS transition capabilties. After creating the HTML5 Banner Animation library, I started to notice some challenges with CSS animations and wanted to take a shot at CSS transitions. So a new JavaScript library was born with HTML5 Banner Transition.
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