About Me

I am a skilled developer with over 15 years' experience. I have extensive knowledge of industry standard software and hardware, experience working in professional office environments, and am able to notice small details within large projects. I work well under pressure and stay late if needed in order to complete a project on time.

My work has covered a large gambit of fields. I have managed servers and large-scale applications, built websites for both large and small companies, coded hundreds of advertising emails, animated hundreds of web banners, developed multiple desktop applications using Adobe AIR and Electron, created web services used internally at The Walt Disney Company, coded and animated elements of the user interface for a AAA video game, built multiple Flash-based mini-games used in a larger project, developed interactive slides for a digital chemistry book, coded and animated digital video game guides, was a professor at a technical university, and that was all during the course of my day job.

In my free time, I have created a free Android utility app on the Google Play Store that has been used by thousands of users; developed a free extension to the popular coding application Brackets that has been downloaded over 151,000 times; and have a productivity/utility application on the Microsoft Windows App Store. I also have a few open-source libraries on GitHub. Most recently, I released a free Bingo Board generator that can be installed as a Progressive Web App on your phone or computer. I also enjoy building custom PCs for myself and others.


I am a skilled developer with over 15 years' experience. I have extensive knowledge of industry standard software and hardware, experience working in professional office environments, and am able to notice small details within large projects. I work well under pressure and stay late if needed in order to complete a project on time.

Work Experience

Franklin Creative Solutions
Franklin Creative Solutions
Web Developer / System Administrator, March 2021–present3/21–present
I am working in a new environment as a front-end web developer on a Shopify website for FCS's office supplies brand Blue Summit Supplies. I have worked on several sections of the site theme to present product information in easier to digest layouts as well as presenting more information through custom metafields. I also aid in process of building out the admin section of the site to provide more functionality. In addition to supporting development of the Shopify site, I also provide support for all of the company's IT support for computers, phones, networks, printers, and software accounts.
Coded front-end of Shopify website
Manage IT infrastructure

System Administrator Sr, July 2018–March 20217/18–3/21
I work with servers that host web-based applications which are utilized by over 50,000 users on a daily basis for managing workloads through a ticketing system. More recently I have used my web development knowledge to create scripts that analyze content between CSV-exported SQL tables to generate targeted data based on matched findings. These data analysis scripts have saved hundreds of hours of manual processing of data. I have been responsible for STIGs and managing software updates for the servers hosting the applications. In addition to working tickets within the application, I also resolve issues with application outages.
Created scripts for parsing thousands of records
Administrator for ServiceDesk
Managed VM servers and maintained STIGs

Interactive Developer II, November 2017–May 201811/2017–5/2018
Interactive Developer, October 2016–October 201710/2016–10/2017
When starting at Adcetera, I had to shift roles as an email developer and web banner animator to primarily a web developer. On my first day, I was taking over an existing website project built using WordPress where the most of the site was still needing to be coded. I continued working on advertising emails and animating web banners for various clients, including HP. I coded from start to finish Adcetera's own internal digital signage. I also developed a web-based application using Electron to be displayed on a large touch-screen TV at a trade show.
Created websites and landing pages
Built Electron apps featured at trade-shows
Animated web banners in Flash and GWD

The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company
Interactive Developer, January 2012–September 20161/2012–9/2016
During my time at Disney, I coded hundreds of advertising emails (one-off, multi-language, and campaign) and animated just as many web banners. I created a new, base HTML template for all developers on my team to use for emails going forward to assist with production time and consistency. During my slow times, I developed several internal tools to aid in the development of emails, including an HTML email markup validator based on our own testings and results. Those tools were used by all of the developers I worked with as well as the all the stakeholders in nearly all email projects.
Built department-utilized applications and services
Coded advertising emails for parks and resorts
Animated web banners using Flash or hand-coded

EA Sports
EA Sports
UI Designer/Developer, May–October 20115–10/2011
I had the joy of actually doing what I originally went to school for and that was to work on a video game. During my contract period, I worked on designing, animating, and developing several aspects of the UI for NFL Blitz for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I animated the launch and loading screens; coded on the team selection, settings, and credits screens; coded and worked on the layout for player cards; coded and animated the ticker used in menus and in-game stats; and worked various other elements.
Animated the launch and loading screens
Designed and coded multiple various screens
Coded other UI elements throughout the game

Flash Developer, July 2010–May 20117/2010–5/2011
I worked on some special projects at JHT. With JHT wanting to break out from mostly government focused projects, I worked on developing and animating several Flash-based mini-games that would be incorporated into a larger MMO-style game intended on educating children. One mini-game that was a favorite of mine to code was a side-scrolling shooter where the monsters were based on unhealthy food items and power-ups that boosted your characters weapons were healthy food items. I also helped conceptualize levels for a zombie game that was released on multiple platforms as well as developing a solution for controlling the game with the Xbox 360 controller before those APIs existed in Adobe AIR.
Coded and animated Flash-based mini-games
Built department-utilized task manager app
Created USB-interface for video-game controller

Encompass Media
Encompass Media
Flash Developer, October 2009–July 201010/2009–7/2010
My first job outside of teaching that allowed me to go 100% in Flash development and animation. One of my first projects was coding and animating interactive slides to be used in a digital chemistry book. The next set of projects I worked on were coding and animating interactive video game guides that provided players with quickly accessible information that could be filtered by multiple data headers.

Apple Store
Sales Specialist, August–November 20098–11/2009

Full Sail University
Full Sail University
Associate Course Director for Flash Fundamentals, October 2008–May 200910/2008–5/2009
After assisting in lectures and running labs for two years, it was time me to move on to actually running the course on my own. I took over teaching for the Flash Fundamentals course where students would use Adobe Flash Professional for the first time. The first topics covered the tools, how its animation differed from After Effects (which the Digital Arts & Design students would have had before this course), and how to use Flash's typography and vector system. The back half of the course dived into the introduction of ActionScript and covering basic programming concepts that would be expanded on in Flash ActionScript Techniques course that followed Flash Fundamentals. I maintained the course curriculum, lab material, and taught both the lecture and lab portions of the class.

Studio Instructor for Flash ActionScript Techniques, July 2007–September 20087/2007–9/2008
The start of what would be a theme in my career for a while, I changed lab instructor positions to be able to assist with the Flash ActionScript Techniques course. Like my first Studio Instructor position, I had the privilege of assisting in the lectures that proceeded the labs for this course. Not too long after I joined the web team, we began the process of switching from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3, and I was tasked with coming up with many new tutorials for lab that would cover the AS3 language in addition to creating new "coding challenges" that would be given to the students at the beginning of every lab. The first student to complete the challenge correctly would earn bonus points on the final exam. Lab time also allowed for further teaching on my part to students on an individual basis whenever they had questions from the material covered in the proceeding lecture.

Studio Instructor for Digital Storytelling, October 2006–June 200710/2006–6/2007
I loved the environment of my school so much that I wanted to stay and work there. My first position at Full Sail University was assisting in the lectures for the course Digital Storytelling and then co-running the labs that followed. I worked on new lab course material, maintained both the hardware and software of the lab computers, and occasionally taught full lectures. The labs for Digital Storytelling ran a bit differently from other courses in that lab was an extension of the lecture because it took place in the same room that was dedicated to the class and it allowed for both lecture and labs to have more hands-on experience for the students.


Portfolio: https://wadedwalker.com
GitHub: https://github.com/jediwade
File Renamer X: https://filerenamerx.com


CompTIA Security+

Software Knowledge and Skills

Web development
Email development
Web banners
Flash animations
Adobe AIR
Java with Android
After Effects
Media Encoder
System Admin
Network Admin
Remote Desktop Management

Hardware Knowledge

Proficient in either Windows or macOS environments. Knowledgeable of computer hardware and able to build custom workstations. Below is my custom-built workstation.


Full Sail University
Bachelor of ScienceB.S. in Digital Arts & Design, 2006
Associate of ScienceA.S. in Digital Media, 2006


Email: wadedwalker@gmail.com



Available upon request