In my free time I have built applications for both desktop and mobile platforms. I love utility and production apps that make life (both personal and work) easier to manage.
File Renamer X
For nearly a decade, I have had an idea of creating an application that made it easy to rename files in bulk. On Windows, the ability to do that is basically non-existent unless you either: 1) click the Rename button in Windows Explorer and let Windows add "(#)" to every file that gets the same name or 2) are really good at command line. For macOS, your options are a little better, but not by much. When I first had this idea, I was going to use Flash and AIR to create a desktop application. But I have moved on to using web technologies and File Renamer X is created with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. To turn it into an application, I am using Node.js and Electron.

File Renamer X is gives you an arsenal of options for renaming files, including but not limited to: adding new text, removing text, find/replace, adding a date stamp, and making files sequential.

Notification Monitor
Notification Monitor
One of the things I thought was lacking in Android and that I missed from my iPhone days was that the screen would turn on when I got a notification. So I decided to build an Android app to do just that. Notification Monitor provides options when the screen should turn on such as time of day, how long the screen stays on, and more. Once the app has been setup and configured the way you like, you don't have to worry about it or launch the app ever again unless you want to change some preferences.